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What is Organizational Structure?
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Work Specialization
Chain Of Command
Span Of Control
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Forms of Organizational Structure
Matrix Organization
Virtual Organization
Organizing Process


Span of Control



The Span of Control in an organization is defined as the number of employees reporting directly to one supervisor. Traditionally, the Span of Control has been defined as a number between 4 and 7 subordinates under one manager.

The Span of Control is a concept which developed during the 19’th Century for the organization of large European armies into smaller and smaller subunits. I.e. one could have 7 soldiers in one Platoon with 1 leader, 7 platoons with one higher-ranking leader, etc. to form a large army which was relatively easy for one General at the top to manage under conditions of combat.




 wider spans of management increase organizational efficiency


Narrow Span Drawbacks


        xpense of additional layers of management

        increased complexity of vertical communication

        encouragement of overly tight supervision and discouragement of employee autonomy